Saturday, May 17, 2008

Launch Report 2008-2

Location: Central Sod Farm, Centreville, MD (MDRA ESL-120)
Weather: Low to mid-70s, clear, wind 10 - 15
Total flights: Today - 8 ; YTD - 15
Total motors: Today - 17 ; YTD - 24

We got lucky on the weather, slipping in a decent launch between rainy days. It was a bit on the windy side. I hung out with Don and Paul, and met skycopp (again) and Ben from TRF. There was another Dragonfly Monocopter and a Popsicle Stick 13mm Mono.

My Flights (not in order)
  1. Grizzly Behr Monocopter on a C6-3 - This 'quick and dirty' build flew nicely. It didn't fly quite as high as the Dragonfly, but did continue rotating all the way to landing. One comment was that it looked like a boomerang (although it didn't come back).
  2. Art Applewhite Dragonfly Monocopter on a C6-3 - This was a nice flight. The only issue was the motor burned through on the side, just above the nozzle (see attached photo). I've seen this before on spinning rockets. It should fly OK as is. Someone else flew one earlier without this problem.
  3. Art Applewhite Cyclone Monocopter (BETA test) on a D12-P - Nice flight on this bigger monocopter.
  4. Art Applewhite Cyclone Monocopter on a E9-4 - Very nice flight. It did look like it quit elevating at some point and I found that this motor also burned through. I suspect that it lost thrust near the end of the burn.
  5. Eiffel's Nightmare on an F24-6 - Great boost, ejection after the lawn dart. Dead. I like the F24 motor!
  6. Hat of Death on a G77 - Big weather cock, but still a cool crowd-pleasing flight.
  7. Massive Gassive on an E9-7 and nine D12-P's - Cool boost! We heard the ejection charge a couple of secs after apogee, but nos separation. A second later it came apart and recovered just fine. An 8 on the pucker factor scale.
  8. NCR Big Brute on a G64-7 - Lots of weather cocking and ejection with the cone down. Unfortunately, it was dragged as far as the original landing distance. At one point, I thought it hung on a drainage pipe, but the chute just pulled it over. It crossed a road and stopped in a field with some tall crop. The top of the tube is chipped up, the fin tips are worn down, and one fillet is cracked. It also was in water at some point since the inside of the tube was moist. At least it is not badly damaged. I'll tough up the fins, weep some thin CA into the fillet, and cover the top of the tube with trim Monokote.