Friday, May 09, 2008

Dragonfly build, part 2

As mentioned before, this is a simple build with a mere 9 parts. Heres a summary of the steps:
  • Assemble Center
  • Add Supports and Balance Beam
  • Glue Wing to Center
  • Assemble Motor Mount
  • Wrap Fiberglass Tape
  • Glue Motor Mount to Center
  • Drill Launch Rod hole
The completed center section consists of 2 pieces of basswood and the dowels.

I actually built the motor mount in parallel with other components. This consists of a basswood motor mount, the tube, and the drywall tape. The tape is self adhesive to some extent, but wanted to lift when soaked in glue. So, I used some small plastic clamps to hold it where the tube met the motor mount. After about 20 minutes, I removed the clamps and let the glue set the rest of the way.

The support dowels are mounted parallel with the wing. The wing and motor mount are attached with one end over one dowel and under the opposing one. In the absence of a good airfoil and a long burn motor, monocopters need to have the motor mount and wing canted to provide lift. Mounting these items between the dowels provides this angle.

The instructions say to sand the dowels do they mate with the tube. On mine, only the bottom edge touched so a slight nick with a knife did the trick. I dilled the remaining gap with glue.

After all the glue dries I have to drill the launch lug hole and, when the weather clears, either prime or clear coat it. I'm thinking about doing the latter.

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