Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bay bridge traffic cam

I'm about to head out to the MDRA launch at the Central Sod Farm. (Yeah, it's late, the launch doesn't start until noon today.) I had the bright idea to check if there was a traffic cam and, naturally, there was. You can get to it from this page. I didn't epect a ton of bridge traffic considering the weather is a tad chilly for the beach (and gas prices suck). But, now I have the link for later in the launch season.

P.S. - The lines should be short today too. The Team America Rocketry Challenge finals are today at The Plains, Virginia. We really lucked out with the weather as, at the start of the week, today was supposed to be rainy. It should be partly cloudy and a bit windy. Woohoo, everyone keep their fingers crossed!