Thursday, May 08, 2008

Art Applewhite Dragonfly monocopter

(This is cross-posted from Rocketry Planet and will be used for an EMRR review.)

I just received my kit and will describe it's construction and flight. While fred22's Thunderbird build will be towards the complicated side of mod-rocketry, this will definitely be on the other side of the spectrum. Art's known for simple but elegant kits, and it looks like he stuck with that theme.

The kit consists of the following:

Wing - one basswood strip, 8" x 2"
Balance beam - 1/4" dowel
Support beams - two 3/16" dowels
Center hub - one basswood strip, cut into 3 pieces
Motor mount - LOC BT-20 tubing
Motor mount reinforcement - Fiberglass drywall tape

Tools and materials required: Elmers Glue-All, hobby knife, scissors, ruler

Reading ahead, it looks like besides gluing parts together, all you do is make 4 cuts and drill one hole. This will be a short thread.

I hope to fly it at MDRA two weekends from now.

I also got a beta test version of his 24mm Cyclone monocopter, but won't give any details until he gives the thumbs up.