Friday, April 04, 2008

Move over Deuce and Tres, here's a Seis (updated)

The Deuce and Tres, made by FlisKits, are two- and three motor cluster rockets with canted mounts. I ran across the attached photo of a rocket at NASA's Wallops Flight Facility that looks like it might have six canted motors. The Tiamat, launched on on July 4, 1945, was the first research rocket launched from Wallops. Actually, I don't know the number of motors used but it is interesting and a bit unusual.

The Tiamat was featured in the March 1947 Popular Science article How You'll Fly to the MOON. You can find the article on Modern Mechanix. It includes a description, a cutaway diagram, and even a launch photo. However, those photos show a single motor in the booster stage and there are no sign of the canted tubes seen in the photo above.  Update:  Via YORF, I see that the rocket shown is the Tiamat-B.  The -C is what's depicted in Modern Mechanix's post.  Reportedly, the -A used Cordite fuel. Designation-Systems also has some history on this rocket.

Here's some more interesting rockets from Wallops' past.