Friday, April 18, 2008

Launch Report 2008-1

Location: Higgs Farm, Price, MD (MDRA Red Glare IV, day #1)
Weather: Wind - calm; it was 82 deg. F when I left
Total flights: Today - 7 ; YTD - 7
Total motors: Today - 7 ; YTD - 7

Red Glare IV got off to a poor start, but turned out great! First, I had the reload problem yesterday, next I broke the mount in the Eiffel's Nightmare, and then the igniter spat on my first launch attempt. It was all uphill from there!

The weather was perfect and the field was dry. I can't remember the last time it was this calm on the Eastern Shore and lots of rockets landed near the pads and the prep area. No damage AFAIK. The grass at the pad was long, which meant it was tough to find small rockets like saucers. But, nothing of mine was permanently lost. I hope nobody lost a reload case.

I got to visit with Don, Mikey, and Paul. Don's awesome LOC Starfighter upscale is shown to the right. It went up on a K695R for a great flight. It suffered a minor tangle but had very minimal damage. He's going to fly it tomorrow on a K550W and 4 H148R airstarts. Note the video camera duct-taped on by Rockets Magazine.

I also got to say hi to the elusive Al G. (Hospital Rocket on TRF). He had a pretty Velociraptor, big Skeeter, Polecat Wocket (upscale Estes Snitch), and some small rocket on an H669. I may have motor designation off a bit, but in any event, it left the field fast!

MDRA hosted 16 BATFE agents. Neil explained all our operations and had a demo showing how hard it is to ignite an AP grain. I'll report back on what I hear.

My Flights:
  1. Hat of Death on a G77R single use. Great flight as usual but my rebuilt core is a skosh small so it tends to fall out at apogee. I'll work on that.
  2. Art Applewhite 7.5" USAF saucer, now with a 29mm mount, on a F38.5R. Worked as planned. This is my third flight on the F20LMS case. I'll post more later.
  3. Whirlygig-24 on an E9(P). Fun as usual.
  4. Copyright Violation on a D12(P). A less than impressive fiasco. 'Nuff said!
  5. SpaceShipSqrt(-1) on a D12-5. Flew great.
  6. PML Small Endeavour on a G67-7. Good flight with ejection a tad early.
  7. Upscale Cluster Bomb on a G71-5. Good flight with apogee perfect ejection.
I could have flown more but my sore foot gave out. How it feels in the AM will determine if I return for day 2.

Update: At the encouragement of my foot and my wife, I decided to stay home. The foot wouldn't even like the drive, and the wife wouldn't attend a 2nd day. However, I have fixed the mount in the Eiffel's Nightmare, so it will be good to go next time.