Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big paper rockets

Clark Lindsey's Space for All blog identifies an article about large paper rockets on Rocketeer.co.uk - Modelling spacecraft for fun and... profit?. The photo above is Davis Boyce's impressive Saturn V. I'd like to see how he built it and wonder if it is (or could be made) flight worthy. The article has links to other paper models, but this one is the most impressive.

While on the subject of huge paper rockets, I'll point back to my previous post about large paper rockets. It features a large model of the Saturn-Komorov (including links to the plans) and my 8" diameter, almost 6' tall Grand Whazoo. While the Grand Whazoo looks a little like a V2, it was never intended to be even a stand-off scale model. That post also references Mark Hamilton's large paper V2s that he described in the May/June 2004 issue of Sport Rocketry. Since that post, I ran across the photos of Mark's V2s, one of which is shown below. One of the cool things Mark did was create the paper wraps by enlarging the patterns for a small paper model. Someday, I want to use this technique on a model of my own. As Wayne Hill will tell you, there are a ton of good subjects out there: The Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide.