Saturday, March 15, 2008

X-2 SkyLimo, coming to a canyon near you

Some time this year, racer, stuntman, and limo jumper Michael "Mad Mike" Hughes plans to recreate Evel Knievel's 1974 attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon in the Robert Truax-designed X-2 Skycycle. Hughes is building his own steam-powered X-2 SkyLimo. Here are the specs:
X-2 SkyLimo Length: 14'
Weight: 1700 lb.
Cockpit: 5' long with 2' by 3' cut out 5052 Grade Aluminum
Body: 11' by 32" diameter
Nose Cone: 3' (foam / fiberglass combination fill)
Wings: 2' by 2'; 23 degree sweep on leading edges; upward side flap on side wings 1' by 1'
Steam Rocket will be propelled by heating water to produce steam.
4,000 pounds of thrust created will burn for 4 seconds.
Rocket will reach a height of 3,500 feet and an air speed of 350 miles per hour.
Distance covered will be slightly over 1/4 mile.
Rocket will fall to Earth aided by a kevlar ballistic chute.
Descent will take 21 seconds (if Canyon cleared) at 15 miles per hour.
Impact absorbed by 3' collapsible nose cone.
The photo came his website, which has more details. The site also has information, photos, and other Evel Knievel memorabilia (as well as Mad Mike's other accomplishments, of course).

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