Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tied for the best 'burger in the world... (sad happy update)

I posted earlier about the Charcoaler in El Paso and just remembered another of my favorites - Tookie's in Seabrook, TX. Seabrook is just down NASA Road 1 from NASA JSC, and Tookie's is just a stones throw from where NASA Road 1 ends at Hwy146. When we first ate there, the place looked like it was built from scrap wood from demolished buildings. They had marks on the walls showing where the water level rose to in the previous tropical storm(s). I think they have upgraded their building at least twice. Hopefully the food is the same!

The burgers were greasy but yummy. We always were amused that the bill was invariably turning clear from the grease. My doc wouldn't be amused, but the burgers were great. I was partial to a 198 double-meat:
Beef marinated in a mixture of wine, shredded cheddar cheese, fresh chopped onions, and our blend of spices topped with melted cheddar with mayonnaise, lettuce, sliced tomatoes and pickles.
The onion rings were also wonderful. I can't decide whether I liked these better than the Charcoaler's, so I call a tie. In fact, I don't have to pick an ultimate favorite burger since the two are both unique. Oh, Tookie's bean burger also rocked! Thanks to Texas Burger Guy for capturing photos of the restaurant, food, and menus.

(I think I'll wear my Tookie's T-shirt tomorrow.)

P.S. I went back and see that I disagree with Burger Guy and many of his commenters. First, the last time I ate there was in 1993 and it was still great. I don't remember prices but I'm sure McDonald's, Sonic, and Jack-in-the Box are all cheaper. Fuddrucker's? I've eaten there a bunch and it doesn't come close to matching a 198 or a bean burger!

UPDATE:  I see from the Tookies Facebook fan page that it never re-opened after Hurricane Ike. Major bummer.  It would be even a bigger bummer if I was able to actually eat there.

UPDATE:  After seeing a Facebook about another of my favorite places, Goode Company Hamburgers and Taqueria, I remembered this post. Just to set the record straight, Tookies has re-opened! Here's a proof-of-life photo: