Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Q: Smash Lab, UFC Unleashed, or Master Blasters?

A: Master Blasters

Don't remember seeing this one. The challenge was to build a rocket that incorporates a huge industrial fan to provide helicopter recovery. It pitted the Stroud's against Tim Lehr and Team Wildman. This sounded pretty cool. But, the build coverage was pretty weak with what appeared to me to be contrived situations and interactions between the team members. Much of this was centered around the 'really hot chick'. I have to agree that, if the challengers lost, she would be the one I'd like to see streak. So, I found myself rooting for the Master Blasters this time. Then there's the silly 'test' that one member of each team had to attend. I think they should have just shown more details of the build. I guess this is supposed to be entertainment for the masses. Sigh.

Still, the rockets looked interesting. Team Wildman's 20' foot (?), 3 motor cluster rocket kept the propellers tucked into the body during flight. It boosted quickly to over 2500' but the propellers looked flaccid. At one point it looked like they all were deployed and that it might work. Then it flipped on end and stabilized into a great lawn dart. The Master Blasters' rocket was stubbier with the propellers partially extended below the body. Unfortunately, one blade departed, it went unstable and came apart. Score one for Team Wildman. No female streaking ensued.