Thursday, March 20, 2008

On the details provided by shows like Master Blasters

One of the things I often gripe about regarding rocket 'reality' shows is the amount of detail provided. I want less 'acting' and theatrics and more rocketry. This is true of Master Blasters, Smash Labs and even Mythbusters. But, besides not being what the general public wants to see, Mrs. H-rocket, via Rocketry Planet, provides another explanation:
I (H-rocket) commented to my wife about how the rocketry community is kind of miffed that there is more grab-ass than rocketry and we can't learn anything in watching. She gave me the look I usually get when I try to explain why I need another set of motor hardware. Then she explained that there was no way they were going to provide any knowledge transfer so someone could try and replicate what was done in any manner. Kind of makes sense.
Ding (sound of the light bulb going on).

This not only makes sense, but agrees with what I've heard about other shows. For instance, I heard the CSI series has experts on staff, not to provide realism, but to insure that too much accuracy isn't provided.

What do you think?