Friday, March 14, 2008

MIA burger places (updated with photo)

While on the subject, I really used to love the following burger joints:
  • Hamburgers by Gourmet - This used to be in the Rice Village on Kirby. It featured lots of odd burgers that you didn't find anywhere. Although not uncommon now, a blue cheese burger was hard to find in 1972! I also liked the artichoke burger, and we often make our rendition of same. A search finds a similarly named place in north Houston, but I have no idea if it is related.
  • Jalapeño Tree - This used to be in Webster, TX, the other direction from NASA down NASA Road 1 (opposite direction than Tookie's). I remember is thick rare burgers with lots of jalapeño cheese. They probably had mild/plain burgers too, but I never ate them. They served peanuts in the shell, but had to stop due to health regulations as the shells went on the floor. They also featured live music. A web search finds a Mexican food chain with this name. No jalapeño burgers spotted.
  • Ruby Reds - This was located south of Rice. I don't remember it quite as fondly as the others, but they were meaty and juicy - a good basic burger. They also had the peanuts but also had to quit serving them.