Saturday, March 08, 2008

Maryland radio nostalgia, part 1 of ? (update)

After finding a clip of Hudson and Harrigan on Airchexx, I found they have a clip of The Greaseman! The Grease was a shock jock on WWDC/DC-101 in the '80s. For years, this bulky, lumbering jock entertained me on my drive to work, with his hilarious, but often off-color bits...and an occasional song. Often off color? The recurrent bit that pops to mind is a Clint Eastwood skit where Clinton would invariably make his young pal, The Punk, squeal like a pig. He coined all all kinds of terms for things you shouldn't talk about on the radio...hydraulics, doodads, ha ba do gee and gobble da gee...if you don't get it, don't ask! Grease finally stepped over the line with a crack about MLK and was canned. He later moved to cali and became syndicated. I only managed to catch one of these shows, but it just didn't have the panache of the original. He's still around on the interweb.

The clip linked above includes a classic rendition of Black Slacks and a Johnny Rico bit but it cut off before he became the lawman.
B-B-B-B-Black slacks

Black slacks make a cool daddy-o
When I put 'em on I'm a-rarin' to go

Update: How could I forget to point out that I even adopted one of his tag lines for my 10 x 24mm cluster, the Massive Gassive?