Saturday, March 08, 2008

Houston radio nostalgia, continued...

Seymour Broomwad, Seymour Broomwad, Seymooooooooour Broomwad!

Every so often, these words (sung, not spoken) pop into my head, having been etched there countless times by my clock radio. Although I generally shunned top-40 like the plague in the '70s (I guess that hasn't changed), our clock radio was AM-only and KILT was the station of choice. We woke every morning to the Hudson and Harrigan show. It was a mix of talk/humor with an occasional song. The featured characters like Jim-Bob Jumpback (from Katy, which at the time was really the boonies), Story Guy, and Seymour. Their skits were often zany, such as traffic reports where they'd direct their listeners to slam on their brakes, abruptly turn right, etc. This was followed by crash sound effects. It was funny at the time.

So, I went to Google to find more about them. Like many such radio personalities, they actually were 'played' by several people through the years. From the Texas Radio Hall of Fame:

Hudson & Harrigan - Air Personality-DJ

  • First morning show to consistently win ratings for KILT
  • Original H&H was Paul Menard (Harrigan) and Mac Hudson 1967-1973
  • Short term hosts included Beau Weaver, Tommy Kramer and stand up comic Jack Mayberry
  • Jim Pruett and Mark Stevens assumed the show’s characters in 1974
  • For two decades, Fred Kennedy and Randy Hames have been H&H
  • After 35 years, one of the country’s longest running top-rated morning shows
I had forgotten the names Jim Pruett and Mark Stevens, but these were the guys we listened to. Further searching shows KILT is still there, Hudson and Harrigan is still on the air, and so is Jim-Bob Jumpback. You can listen to some clips from their current show and I even found a snippet of a show from 1977. There's a good chance I listened to part of that show.