Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter egg rockets

I'm not referring to rockets made from plastic Easter eggs (although they make good nose cones) or rockets that are merely painted in pastel colors. Rather, I'm referring to rockets that are actually dipped, just like you would dye a real egg. This technique was developed by Spaceman Spiff (his name on TRF). You fill a plastic trash can with water (the bigger the rocket, the bigger the container), spray the paint on the surface, and dip away. He describes the technique in this post. There are also some old threads if you are ambitious and want to search for them.

I tried this on my modified Estes Big Daddy, dubbed the Big Dipper Daddy. (If you notice, the link to the older TRF thread mentioned above can be found in this EMRR review). I won't add much to those threads but to emphasize the one lesson I learned: don't dip in direct sunlight, the paint dries too fast!

Happy Easter!