Friday, February 29, 2008

More Type-6 odd-rocs

As I mentioned in my feeble attempt to sort the world's odd-rocs, there are additional Type 6 'Rotational' odd-rocs other than monocopters, bi-copters, tri-copters, etc. I lost the detailed descriptions of these items, which were developed by Francis Graham and/or Joseph Peklicz. They were originally described on a private list run by Francis, and some info was transferred to the Monocopters Yahoo Group. I posted these photos there, even though they weren't mine, so they wouldn't be I found a new place to document them :)

The Aplanocopter. In this case, the picture is worth 1000 words. This rocket features two side mounted motors, two wings and has a flight profile similar to a monocopter. Joe may have released this as a limited edition kit via his company, J.A.P. Systems.

The Caudipetor. This evil contraption is basically two rocket gliders attached via a wire. I say evil because people who didn't want to risk the loss of body parts took refuge behind a chain link baseball backstop. IIRC, I don't think it worked very well due to thrust mismatch. Francis had a reason for the name, but I forget what that was.

The Magnus Effect Rocket. This another of Francis' creations. It's a section of tube that would be spun around its central axis by two end-mounted motors. Its operation is best explained here. It didn't perform well but was an interesting intellectual exercise.

I think there are/were more, but these are all I have any record of.