Friday, February 29, 2008

Attaining balance - Rockets Magazine, Volume 2 Issue 6

This latest issue of Rockets Magazine showed up on my doorstep today. This issue actually has an equal number of launch reports and other features, although the launch reports have twice the page count. But this is progress. The magazine provides detailed coverage of NYPower 12 and Three Oaks and photo-only coverage from NERRF 3. There is a detailed tech article on compensating for metallic slag build-up on your EX nozzles. This is more info than I need, but I like keeping up with the general issues regarding EX. Larry Brand has a long build article on his K-Pod, 'K'-powered, tube fin design. This is somewhat an extension of his article on tube fin performance that appeared in the Jan/Feb 2008 issue of Sport Rocketry. Larry has his own way of doing things, which I find refreshing. Finally, there is a short description of the Federation of Galaxy Explorers and CanSat Summer Camp, by Ivan Galysh. Ivan is very involved in the program and supervises a lot of student projects at MDRA.

Good job guys!