Monday, December 10, 2007

The Dungeon's 'cult' movie list (update x 5), plus a Legend

This past weekend, I watched another movie that deserves to be on my list of most watched films - Conspiracy Theory, starring Mel Gibson and the always adorable Julia Roberts. So here's the updated list, now in no particular order:
  1. The Wizard of Oz (This played at least once a year as I grew up, then later the kids got the tape. Still one of my favorites.)
  2. The Sound of Music (I like it, the wife likes it, and my daughter likes it. 'Nuff said.)
  3. Omega Man (I like Charlton and zombies. Beer had something to do with this one.)
  4. Star Wars (I'm not sure any movie had a bigger impact on me at the time. It still stands the test of time.)
  5. The Blues Brothers (These cats are just so cool.)
  6. Big Trouble in Little China (I also like action, martial arts, and a mystical/fantasy backdrop; this had them all.)
  7. Blind Fury (I liked the martial arts and Rutger was a great mix of quirky and tough.)
  8. The Fifth Element (Didn't like this so much in the theater but after I saw it on tape I couldn't quit.)
  9. What About Bob? (I don't know if it's funnier than other comedies, but for some reason I can't pass this one up.)
  10. From Dusk Till Dawn (Vampires, Salma dancing with a snake, Cheech, the soundtrack...this movie rocks.)
  11. Army of Darkness (A sometimes corny combination of horror, comedy, fantasy, action, and adventure. What's not to like?)
  12. John Carpenter's Vampires (I liked the book ("Vampire$" by John Steakley) and James Woods is a cool slayer. A little skinny, but he has the right attitude. The movie deviated from the novel, but what else is new.)
  13. Lone Wolf McQuade (Great action film with plenty of Chuck Norris buttkickery. Plus, lots of it was filmed in El Paso and I love seen places I've lived in movies. Even if the locations are out of place. Like a police stop on 'I-10' which was actually on Trans-Mountain Highway with the actual I-10 visible in the distance. Once scene was only a couple of miles from my childhood home.)
  14. Conspiracy Theory (You're not crazy if they are really out to get you. Right?)
That reminds me, the remake of The Omega Man, titled I am Legend, comes out this week. I'm so there! Will Smith will make a great Robert Neville and it will have upgraded effects and more lead in to how he gets to become the last person on Earth. Or is he? Hmmm.