Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Apologies and a warning

Well, consider this post both. I have this propensity for mixing up words/terms, similar to how some people may mix up 'effect' and 'affect'. Its not that I don't know the difference, but my mind seems to disconnect when typing, especially on-line. (OK, I made that mistake on purpose to see if you were paying attention.)

But this post is about CP and CG. I know the difference between them and in what order you want them, but I still seem to type them wrong maybe a quarter of the time. Flipping 'effect' and 'affect' doesn't seem to be that big a deal since the reader will generally understand the meaning anyway. I guess most rocketeers with over a week's experience will also be able to catch mistakes with CP and CG. But there is the risk that a newbie could get confused.

So, I hereby apologize for these mistakes and warn my readers to be on the lookout for my CP-CG brain farts. And by all means slap me on the upside of the head if you see a problem. With CP and CG, that is. I know I make plenty of grammatical mistakes and don't need to hear about ALL of them. :embarrassed: