Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Make Magazine - Vol 12

This November has already brought me issues of Sport Rocketry and LAUNCH, and Rockets Magazine should be on the way. Today, I got an email announcing that Make Magazine is also shipping. I popped onto the on-line edition to look for on-topic content (sport rocketry, space, etc) and found only one item. George Dyson has an article on Project Orion (Project Orion: Saturn by 1970), which he adapted from his book. I don't really like reading mags on-line so I'll wait for my paper copy. However, I did notice a nice sequence of photos showing the launch of of the high-explosive-powered, 300 lb, 1 m-diameter prototype, which I've posted on several times. This photo sequence (the first frame is attached) shows the prototype with its outer shell attached. For your viewing pleasure, I embedded the classic video of said prototype below. Note that this test didn't have the outer shell attached.