Sunday, February 18, 2007

More on the Top Gear Shuttle project

I may have posted on it first, but Rocketry Planet has dug up videos on YouTube. I have embedded them below. The launch video is great, with an awesome boost phase and one heck of a prang. The ensuing fireball (***) makes me wonder if think they added some pyro effects just to spice up the show. It would have been cool to see what happened if the 'orbiter' separated from the main tank.

(***) I have been contacted publicly and privately that, as evidenced by the lack of charring on the wreckage, the fireball "may" have not been at the same location as the impact :) I didn't notice said lack of charring in the clip, but should have realized that this would have been the logical assumption - and a whole lot safer than having pyro charges in the Shuttle! The people who put her up are very experienced, accomplished rocketeers after all.

Major update! The Rocketry Blog has dug up a link to the full-length video! Watch the 21 minute video here.