Monday, March 20, 2006

Implosions are fun

Bill Gurstelle recently tipped his hat to Fort Worth, TX for announcing in advance the implosion of the 30-story Landmark Tower. This brought back some memories. In October 1993, my wife and I watched the implosion of the Dunes Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. We were across the strip at Bally's, and I must say it was some sight. If you get a chance, I strongly recommend you get a ring-side seat...but bring your respirator!

I have been itching to post something on my Google website, so I dug up and scanned some photos. Man did the photos from that disposable camera suck. But I decided to raise the web's noise floor and post a few of the best anyway.

PS - Later that year they used footage from the implosion in a made for TV movie. I haven't found the title, but I know I have it on tape somewhere.

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