Friday, December 02, 2005

The Rocketman

In my hobby, Ky Michaelson is THE Rocketman. Ky is a prominent figure in sport rocketry. He runs Rocketman Enterprises Inc., which supplies a line of high performance recovery systems (mainly 'chutes), high power rocket kits, videos, and specialized rear closures for Aerotech motors. He has also contributed to many large group projects, including a full-scale flying outhouse, 'Our Stinkin' Rocket'.

But it is his background outside of the sport that mainly brings be to this post. Ky has added rockets to most everything from wheelchairs to snowmobiles and had worked extensively in the stunt industry. He also was a major player in the CSXT GoFast project. What caught my eye today was photo section on the Bonneville Speed Week. After the annoying flash intro, which can be skipped, you can find all kinds of interesting stuff along the left margin.

Ky has also found a unique way to get rid of your wife (joking, of course, and knocking on wood so I won't be a jinx!).

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