Friday, July 19, 2013

Sport Rocketry July/August 2013

Instead my normal list of articles, I'll just give a long list of cool stuff spotted in the magazine:
  1. The Nike Hercules on the cover;
  2. Steve Jurvetson's private collection of space artifacts;
  3. A detailed report on a Nike Missile Base tour;
  4. Photos of the Nike Missile Base (OK, I guess this is pretty much the same as #1 and #3, but I thought it was worth repeating.);
  5. A GPS guided glider as a rocket payload;
  6. Jolly Logic Altimeter3;
  7. AeroPac's 100k' project;
  8. Bill Colburn on amateur rocketry (I forget...what magazine is this?);
  9. Small student satellites;
  10. A Piñata rocket;
  11. A look at the future of Cape Canaveral;
  12. Northwest Indian College's attempt to tow a rocket home with a quadrotor;
  13. A rocket team clad in sombreros and serapes;
  14. Rocketariums, Retro Rebel and Mega Rebel skinless ribbed rockets.
There's other stuff too, of course ;)


  1. Glad you liked the NARCON article, it was a great conference. If you want to see some of the talks, and video from the Nike Tour, go to

  2. Thanks, that looked like a great conference.

  3. In the article I wrote, I kept referring to "the presentation," because I thought it would be part of a package about the conference, with links to presentations. I'm sure people read it and thought, "What presentation?" I wish I would have thought to include the link to the presentation replay (
    --John Beans, Jolly Logic

    1. Thanks for the comment. I'll be sure to catch your talk.

  4. The talks (as well as the tour video) are all linked to from the lunar page Sam has in the first comment. :)