Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rare footage of a zincoshine Auk at Cape Coalwood


  1. Mr. Stafford,
    I hope you see this as I could not find any contact info on the rest of the site. You have several post about launching rockets in MD so I assume you live in the state like I do. I am in Worcester county. When I was a kid I loved rockets and was obsessed with Homer Hickam's books. I had all kinds of estes model rockets. I decided to make a replica of the last rocket launched in the movie "October Sky," the Ms. Riley rocket. Its about 7ft in length. Really its just a large scale estes rocket. It is made of cardboard tubing, a plastic nose cone, balsa wood fins etc. Anyways I never launched it (Why my parents let me buy the stuff and attempt building I have no idea). I still have it and a Aerotech Model G40-4w engine. It probably needs 1 or 2 parts, like a baffle. I hate for it go to waste as it is just sitting in my parents garage. Do you know of anyone in MD that would take it? Thanks

    1. I'm sure there are plenty of folks that would like it. Shipping big rockets gets expensive and it is illegal for individuals to main that motor. You are not that far from MDRA's fields on the Eastern Shore. You should drop by and watch some flights. I'm sure you could find it a good home. But, you might get the itch to finish her up and fly her :) You can find a link to MDRA's site on my sidebar. Launch dates and provides maps, are provided there.