Tuesday, November 27, 2012

More early Space Shuttle artwork

I noticed that the SDASM's early space shuttle photos are not copyrighted so I grabbed a bunch, which are included below for your viewing pleasure. There are manym many more cool ones, so I still recommend you look at their entire Space Related photo-set. This is a general space album and includes photos of the real Shuttle and well as other space subjects. [The 7th photo is of an X-33 Concept.]

X-33 Concept


  1. Some of those designs could make for an interesting scratch-build project!

  2. Looking at the 7th picture from the top, I am wondering if that might be miss-labeled (or else, Rockwell might have been a little sloppy or something)

    Rockwell's proposal for the X-33 program looks like that, and I swear I thought I saw that picture relating to the 33 program, not shuttle.

    1. You are right about that! Good catch. I just grabbed a bunch from their album. The X-33 photo was mixed in among the others. Their album is more general than Space Shuttle.