Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More retro goodness (WARNING - Topless photo included)

After I started scanning some of my old photos, I began poking around the net for sources of old, retro, and vintage photos.  Here's a few items that caught my eye.  This may become another semi regular feature here.

1969 Carroll Shelby / Ford GT40 MK 1

The original Angels.

Steve burnin' out!

Liz Taylor

Farrah, right off the dorm room wall.

Johnny Cash telling it like it is.

Linda Vaughn, Miss Hurst Shifter

That's a lotta bull!

Easy (on the eyes) rider.

Steve on a Husky

The Doors in the Hard Rock Hotel

This console pre-dated Pong by a year.

I liked the looks of the Gremlin.

Willie in College Station, circa 1974.

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