Thursday, December 03, 2009

Unique, OOP, HPR 'kit' (updated)

In the early 2000's, Carde Systems produced a unique rocket that intrigued me.  I'm pretty sure that it was a complete kit.  What it did provide is a two part molded fiberglass airframe that integrated the nose cone, body, tail cone and fins.  It was set up for rear ejection and reportedly flew on  F through L motors.  Now that's a wide range.  I remember reading that once you built a motor mount/ parachute tube assembly, you could slap it into the airframe and duct tape the two halves together.  I found an old article on Rocketry Planet and their old web site on the WayBackMachine.  I'm pretty sure there was something in an old HPR magazine, but I'm too lazy to search issue by issue. Anyone ever see one in the flesh?

Update!  The first time I looked on EMRR, I must have had a typo in the search term(s).  But verily, there is one!  The production model appears to have quarter-body sections. And it depicts the duct tape assembly option :)


  1. I've searched ebay many a time in the vain hope that one of these would turn up...

  2. No, but I always wanted to. Is there still a source for it? I am in the market for a strong 38mm rocket to get me back to high end level 1 flights.

    Yes F through L. F - H via tape. Higher, you must epoxy and fiberglass the seams. L, no problem if it fits.

  3. Dick,

    I remember the ads. for it, never saw one.
    Pretty versatile as a complete shell, cut it where you want, add the guts of your choice.

    You have one of these?


  4. Ken, nope, I never got one or even saw one. I found there is an EMRR review of the kit. I must have misspelled the search terms the first time as I had looked but missed it.

  5. Now that youve posted about it, and one can no longer buy it, I really want one.

  6. R2K - I think this goes to prove just how evil Dick really is!!