Monday, June 15, 2009

Info on Dr. Rocket's modular aluminum rocket

A while back, I posted about N-Power without epoxy?.One of the rockets I mentioned was Michael "Dr. Rocket" Reiner's modular aluminum rocket. I learned the following from Point 39 Productions video of LDRS XVII (Bonneville, August 1998):
  • The nose, upper body, and fin can were all aluminum and custom built by Michael.
  • The lower body was an AeroTech 'N' case.
  • Motor was an AeroTech N2000.
  • It weighed ~50 lb and was expected to hit 30-35k feet.
  • It tore off the pad and (I think) he got his Level-3.


  1. One insanely sweet detail.
    Each fin had a dovetail milled into the root.
    The fincan had dovetail slots that the fins slid into. The fins and the can were all held in place with buku tiny set screws. Of course, the aft motor closure shoulder took the aerodynamic load.

  2. I have always loved this rocket kit... It is interesting that he could cert level 3 with it, but no one else after that, it was his design after all...

    This would (with minor modification and an N2000 motor) make a perfect upper stage for a space shot. Fly it off a Q or R booster and I bet space could be had.