Thursday, June 18, 2009

The ginormous Stratospheric Dreams post

At R2K's request, I went ape shit with the screen snaps. But first, some details about the rocket:
  • The project concept and motors were by Mike Ward and the construction was by Chuck Sackett.
  • 'Flew' after BALLS-005 on its own waiver.
  • Motor was 'S' class.
  • The 320 lbs of propellant was cast in PML 11.5" couplers so the diameter was just over 12".
  • The steel body was the motor case and it used actual surplus Nike fins.
  • The 4000+ psi steel body was shredded.
I used a small format due to the number of photos, click to expand (as usual). (snaps via Point 39 Productions)

First, some show and tell in his shop.

Assembly on-site. Ya' just gotta love a rocket that you assemble with a sledge hammer :)

Ignition! The 2nd photo is one frame after the first. The 4th shows the range of the debris field, which fills the frame.


  1. They were there earlier but they aren't displaying for me either. Might be a Blogger hiccup.

  2. Chrisn, thanks for commenting on the problem! Sure enough there was a photo hosting problem that zapped the photos. Hopefully, they are all back now.

  3. Thant was awesome.....We had a TCC member with a similar type of rocket that was sugar powered. Launch was in October had the same results. But it reached about 150 feet before BOOM!