Friday, December 12, 2008

Quest Aerospace, a class act

Let's see...I bought a bunch of stuff at 40% off. Ordered on a Saturday, it was processed the same day, left by UPS on Monday, and arrived today. You ain't gonna do better than that with a HAZMAT shipment! Besides what I asked for, I got a free MicroMaxx saucer with my Area 51 SPEV saucer, a rubber band powered helicopter and a pack of Flics rubber band powered rockets. These will make some kid happy. There was also a 15%-off coupon should I want anything else in January.

There was one issue - I got an extra bulk pack of C6-3's instead of the C6-5's I ordered. I immediately sent an email and heard back in an hour. Their response was 'keep 'em to share them with the local kids' and that they'd send the C6-5's out ASAP. People make mistakes and what distinguishes good service is how these are dealt with. My thanks to Nettie at Quest for being so responsive!

My real problem with this order is deciding whether I want to build the Area 51 SPEV with the stock 18mm mount or upgrade to 24mm?

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