Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Archer downscale, pt 5

It's getting real close! Here it is complete with vinyl decals from Stickershock23. I've been waiting on them for a couple of days and today caught the mailperson. For the 2nd time in a row, the package was on the truck but the carrier was either inept or lazy and had to be asked to find it. That works for me but, if nobody had been home, it would have gone undelivered.

Also, please don't look too closely. I am as bad at decals as painting. The Stickershock product looks great but there is a darkside. A big part of why they look good is the decals are not printed in a wider clear background. For instance, each character in printed sections are stand alone. I had no problems with the larger type (SA-14 ARCHER) but the little lettering at the bottom took a lot of care. I did botch one when I was distracted. Luckily, there was another that merely said "North Coast Rocketry". If you click through to my Flickr album, you can see views of all sides.


Given the tiny little letters, I KNOW that I have to clearcoat the decals. I my go with Future Shine vs. the spray Krylon. I'll think about that overnight.  Then, I'll add the laundry and get actual measurements, which will be inserted into the RockSim model.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Its a rainy day...

It's raining, I had to get up early to meet our paving contractor and my current project is waiting on Stickershock23 (decals will be here Monday!). I am not really in the market to spend money on kits...but haven't been able to stay clear of the Interwebs. Here's what I would have my eye one should I be in the market. This list is more for me than for you. I miss the old EMRR days when I had a good stream of freebies to build and review. In no particular order:
  1. Estes Mega Red Max...most likely candidate when and if there's a great sale
  2. Rocketarium Mega Retro Rebel
  3. Rocketarium Rebel John
  4. Aerotech G-Force...big 4" rocket actually marketed for 29mm G motors
  5. Madcow 4" AGM-33 Pike
  6. Madcow 4" Little John
  7. The Launch Pad - Gabriel III/AS
  8. The Launch Pad - Flail
  9. The Launch Pad - Bullpup AGM-12C
  10. LOC/Precision - Mini Magg
  11. US Rockets - V2 2.25...always wanted a USR rocket and this one would at least be a realistic option
  12. US Rockets - SWARM...not practical for my flying habits...but...
  13. US Rockets - Ogee Quad SRB 6...the craziest one on the list, at that price it never would happen
  14. AMW - small fiberglass kit with that neon yellow tubing...nothing is on the web about this, but I saw one.

Challenger and Columbia Memorial at KSC


Rocket girl???

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Archer downscale, pt 4

"Ask and ye shall receive."  is an apt quote for this post. No sooner had I lamented that Stickershock23 was temporarily closed to deal with a family illness, the proprietor, Mark Hayes, announced that he was in a position to take a few orders between today and the weekend. I happened to be on TRF when that went up and my order was in within about 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, sanding filling and priming has commenced...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Archer downscale, pt 3

The Mini Archer is basically together. NCR Archer aficionados will notice that something is a bit off. That is, it is about 4" longer than it should be to be true to scale. I could have cut the upper tube but decided this is close enough. I am happy that it is lighter than the Partizon Rocksim that I stole to base my sim on. It is an even 1 lb with all the laundry. It is also plenty stable with no added nose weight. Sanding and painting is up next and it still needs the rail buttons and lugs (yup, it gets both). I sure wish Stickershock was up and running. For now it will be just plain white. (Prayers go out to Marian, Marks' wife. Rocketry is understandably a low priority.)


Twin Turbonique-powered go-kart

Q: What's better than a rocket powered go-kart?
A: A clustered one.

Click through to see more photos of this little beast.

Wetaskiwin Turbonique Kart Left

Monday, June 22, 2015

Archer downscale, pt 2

Making speedy progress. Motor mount is together and installed. Fins cut and installed with fillets in progress. Baffle/coupler assembly complete and half installed. Strakes have also been cut.  Here is the baffle assembly and the fins (some more sanding required).




Sunday, June 21, 2015

NCR Archer, downscale kitbash from Estes Partizon

I am on a veritable building frenzy. There was a time the I'd have 3 - 4 projects on the bench at a time. However, last year I barely got that many projects done in total.  I'm sure I must have had more than that but I'm not going to go count. Anyway, this will be my third build out this month.

As you know (because you follow my blog so closely), a couple of  months ago I left my cherished NCR Archer on top of some tall trees. I figured that I'd clone it one day but, out of the blue, another opportunity presented itself.  The Partizon is my last PSII kit and it gives a good portion of the parts required for a 2.5" downscale.  I only need two of the three tubes, so the 3-fin slotted tube was put up for later use. I had hoped 3 of the 4 main fins could be cut from the existing Partizon fins. Nope, their span is too short. So, the fins were also put away. That leaves two tubes, the cone, the motor mount, and the laundry. I also have the plates for a 2.5" baffle so those will be added to the kit-supplied coupler. I think I can squeeze the main fins from the ply that I have in stock and will use 1/4" balsa for the ribs, just like the original.

Archer downscale from Estes Partizon

On another note, I will have two 2.5" tubes (from the Partizon and Argent), a coupler and the fins from the Partizon to use for a fourth build...if the mood strikes me.